What’s for Supper? Another collection of quick and easy vegetarian meal ideas

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Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

In this edition of the Healthy Eating – Nutritious and Delicious blog carnival, we will discuss more quick and easy vegetarian supper ideas. Have you gotten into a rut – always serving the same old meals, again and again? Would you like a little inspiration – suggestions for nutritious and delicious meals that your whole family will enjoy? Consider trying some of these fantastic suggestions.

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Eggplant&Potatoes with Thyme

Boulderfoodie presents several different meals:

* Eggplant and Potatoes with Thyme posted at BoulderFoodie, saying, “Sherry and fresh herbs – hmmm…”

* Fall is here – and that means Squash! posted at BoulderFoodie, saying, “Southwestern Butternut Squash, Black Beans, Corn, Onion and Peppers”

* Simple, yet Delightfully Tasty Pastas posted at BoulderFoodie, saying, “Three (vegetarian) pasta recipes”

Curried Lentil and Root Vegetable Stew

My own contribution this month is Curried Lentil and Root Vegetable Stew, posted at Naturally Radiant. One of the great things about this sort of recipe is how wonderfully it works as leftovers – I’ve been enjoying it as a very healthy lunch the last several days.

Eggplant&Potatoes with Thyme

Grace Gregory presents Vegan Red Lentil, Mushroom and Fresh Herb Pâte posted at Natural Travelling, saying, “Here’s a simple vegan pâte which is inexpensive, easy to make, and tastes really good! Don’t wait to serve it to guests – spoil yourself! To get the very best flavor and color, use lots of fresh herbs – either those shown here, or choose your own favorites.”

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Anthony Delgado presents Baked Sweet Potatoes with Raisins, posted at Eat Nourishing, saying, “This is a sweet, but savory sweet potato recipe, pairing the richness of the sweet potatoes with the onion, raisin and nut flavors.”

Cooked Millet with Sweet Potato Fries

Alisa presents Chilly October Morning Breakfast, posted at Antioxidant Buzz, saying, “I took the left over sweet potato fries from last night’s dinner and combined it with my usual breakfast staple – millet. Turned out to be a great match! Simple, hot, sweet and savoury. ”

Vegan butternut risotto and warm spinach salad

Jessica Hose presents Adventures in Vegan Cooking with Jenn Adler, posted at Oh Cake, saying, “With all of the fantastic fall produce available now I hope you will try a few meatless dishes. ”


Shrek Pasta

Maggie Wells provides some creative ideas for getting your kids to eat ‘green things’, posted at Parenting Squad, “Rebranding is key! Somehow, the grosser the name, the more inclined he is to eat it.”


Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Fresh Raspberries

Yosef presents Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Fresh Raspberries, posted at This American Bite, saying, “A quick and easy vegan chocolate dessert. Decadent and delicious.”

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