Life Got You Feeling Pretty Stressed? Kick back and relax with some of these stress-relief suggestions

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Stress Relief

In the November 28, 2011 edition of the Natural Health and Wellness blog carnival, we discuss various approaches to dealing with stress. When life starts feeling like someone up there must really have it in for you, take a deep breath, and then try one of these great stress-relieving suggestions.

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Jonny presents How To Improve Posture, posted at Smart blog. Poor posture can result in all sorts of aches and pains – and how can that not be stressful?

Linda@NHE presents Healing Benefits of Bath Salts: Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts, posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, “Both of these bath salts have their own benefits. Find out what they are and maybe mix them together for some great results!”

Charles Chua C K presents :

* 7 Effective Ways to be Brain Healthy, posted at All About Living with Life
* 10 Positive Ways to Live With Life Delightfully, posted at All About Living with Life
* What Are You Worrying About?, posted at>All About Living with Life

Tracy Miller presents 15 Ways Financial Stress Affects You Physically, posted at Insurance Quotes Blog, saying, “The state of the economy has left many people and families worried about money.”

Katie Gilbert presents 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games, posted at Best Online, saying, “Since home video games were popularized in the ’80s, killjoys have blamed them for almost every ill in society.”

William Hambleton Bishop, MA presents Why should I focus on my Breathing? ? Worry reduction, posted at Thoughts from a Therapist, saying, “this is a post on how to enjoy the present moment by simply focusing on your breath. by taking something automatic and making it intentional we give ourselves a bit more freedom… perhaps a freedom do stop ruminating…”

Maggie Harvey presents :
* Get Enough Sleep to Lose Weight More Easily, posted at Fabulous Over 30!, saying, “Last time, we established the importance of sleep in our weight loss plans. This time, we’ll look into how we can better sleep to lose weight.”
* The Link Between Sleep and Weight Gain in Women posted at Fabulous Over 30!, saying, “Many research and studies have been done linking lack of sleep with weight gain, but many do not know why so. Here’s why sleep and weight gain are linked.”

Clint Cora presents Sidedoor Motivation Technique For Things You Don’t Like Doing, posted at Motivation Diversity Success Blog, saying, “how to motivate yourself to do things you don’t like but are good for you”

Tarik presents How to be a Lean Mean Operational Machine, posted at Success starts today, saying, “3 easy steps to feel healthier, more relaxed and be able to achieve your healthy goals faster.”

Lucky Balaraman presents Find Happiness 41: Goals Are Necessary, but They Aren’t Bear Traps, posted at Calm and Cool | A Guide to Being Peaceful, saying, “A Guide to Being Peaceful”

William Kwan presents How Naturally Improving My Eyesight Taught Me the Secret to Relaxation, posted at Will Kwan

Stephanie presents Full Workout Routines to Lose Weight, posted at Cleanse Body, saying, “Relaxation and rest are crucial because these are the periods where the body rejuvenates.”

Aparna presents Pranayama to release stress, posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “Breathing right, alleviates hosts of maladies, stress being one of them. Of late, if you are feeling too stressed out and drained of energy, you might want to check whether you are breathing right. You should breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. Nasal breathing has tremendous health benefits – your oxygen intake is increased, the air that your breathe is partially purified and humidified or rather filtered by the cilia (fine hair) in the nostrils, your lungs will be healthier and so on and so forth”

athena rock presents Coping Mechanisms – Many Available to Help Reduce Stress or Anxiety | How To Relieve Stress Easily, posted at How To Relieve Stress, saying, “Discover coping mechanisms that can help you handle stress.”

World of Diets presents How to Reduce Stress, posted at World of Diets, saying, “This article gives some simple tips to help you reduce stress and feel calmer.”

Regev Elya presents 7 Different Types of Anxiety Disorders and Treatment Using Herbal Remedies or Behavioral Therapy, posted at FreshBeetle

vinman presents Water Fountains Create a Perfect Stress Relaxing Environment, posted at Health And Wellness, saying, “Stress build-up is one of the main reasons for the life style disorders. To void this we have to relax whenever we find time. Just 5 minutes relaxation can give you immense benefit. It is also advisable to create stress relaxing environment at home and office. Within a small area you can create a stress relaxing environment by installing water fountains. If you have garden, then it must have a fountain. Install one and feel the difference it makes to your stress relaxing efforts.”

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  1. Thanks for the hosting and the acceptance of my articles.

    • My pleasure – and thanks for submitting some pretty interesting articles!

  2. Hello
    Good tips and well written article. I have to say that for me fish are really great at home stress relievers. Fish are easy to keep and it is very calming to watch them swimming around. Yes, I know that fish don’t really communicate with humans but still, they are calming.

    How do you feel about fish as stress relievers?

    Best Regards
    Eva Mat

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