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The Joys of Bus Commuting

As any regular visitors to my site probably know, I’m an avid cyclist, and have been happily bike-commuting to and from work for the past few years. In fact, every day, I give thanks that I have this opportunity – that my work isn’t too far away, or only reachable by roads to treacherous to consider cycling on.

At any rate, this week my company has closed down the entire floor on which the showers/changerooms are located, for renovations.  So, I’m enjoying public transit, and all that it entails.

This morning was particularly colorful – when I told my husband about it he laughed out loud, and agreed that it almost made him wish that he, too, was bus-commuting this week.

With the start of school, our city’s roads have become significantly busier, just the past few weeks. And, although I didn’t notice it, it’s possible that the bus on which I was riding was running a few minutes late as a result. Which, I suppose, is what prompted the irate – and vocal – young man who boarded the bus several minutes after me to express his extreme displeasure. Repeatedly. Including what seemed to be threats to get the bus-driver fired. A number of other bus passengers told him to be quiet, as no-one really wanted to hear what he had to say.

This had only the effect of increasing his anger, which he continued to vent for the remainder of his ride. Coincidentally, this ended with him getting off at the same stop as I did. Still arguing with several other young men. By now he was explaining that his time was worth $80/hr, and that the bus-driver was responsible for him losing money because he was late. One of the other young men suggested “If you make so much money, why don’t you just take a cab?”

And – here’s the punchline – the angry young man responded

“Because I’m an environmentalist, dickhead!”

Environmentalists everywhere would cringe, I’m sure 🙂

Today I’m grateful for having chosen to take the bus in to work.

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  1. This morning I had a nice chat with another woman on the bus, who told me that the morning rant actually lasted down the street, into the subway station, onto the subway train, and off the train back on to the street. This must be what it means to really get up on the wrong side of the bed!

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