Back to School – A Collection of School Lunch Ideas

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In the inaugural edition of this blog carnival, we will discuss that oh-so-important issue of what on earth to send our kids to school with for lunch. With that old standby – peanut butter and jam sandwiches – outlawed in many schools due to the incredible rise in life-threatening nut-allergies, parents have to give lunch a little more thought.

What will YOU be sending your kids for lunch? Hopefully it’ll be something delicious, nutritious, and well-balanced, containing fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, and including fruits and vegetables.

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Mommy Minded has some great ideas for creative lunches that kids will be thrilled to see when they get to school

Food Insight provides a great framework for making school lunches work for your family. AND also has an assortment of recipe ideas

Today I Ate a Rainbow has plenty of great suggestions for putting together a healthy, well-balance lunch that your kids will love

My own take on what makes a great school lunch gives some general guidelines, and one lunch that my kids always enjoy.

ZRecs has a great blog post on how to make kid-sized vegetarian sushi – I know MY vegetarian daughter would love to bring these to school regularly!

Veg Kitchen has a lot of really good school lunch recommendations for your vegetarian kid – or even your not-so-vegetarian kid.

What’s Cooking with Kids provides an eco-friendly guide to waste-free school lunches, as well as some great lunch ideas AND (this is my favorite) a great recommendation for your picky eaters – Bentos!

Cooking Outside the Box has a great suggestion for ‘instant’ Bulgur Wheat Pilaf – just add hot water and serve! So much healthier (and almost certainly so much tastier) than those nasty instant noodles (high in sodium, low in nutrients) you can buy in the grocery store. My daughter’s going to love this! Their Zucchini carrot muffins seem like a great snack or on-the-go lunch as well

Fit is Feisty has some recipe ideas that would be a nice change for school lunches – what kid doesn’t get tired of the same old thing?

Anti-oxidant Buzz has a fantastic suggestion for raw veggie wraps – for kids who like to do the final assembly of their lunch by themselves, at the lunch table

Another wrap recipe, this time Asian, can be found at Create Live. If my kids don’t like this one, I’ll be happy to take it to work for MY lunch!

V – a Global Taste of Gourmet Cuisine suggests leftover meatloaf for lunch – but instead of meat, make it a Spinach and Mushroom loaf; once again, I’m thinking this looks pretty yummy

Maybe not every day, but now and then consider sending your kids an amazing dessert as part of their school lunch – like the Cool Mint Oreo cookie balls at 3 Boys and a Dog

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Meanwhile, traditional magazines are also providing a lot of suggestions for back-to-school lunches. Check out:

Cooking Light’s broad assortment of well-balanced lunch ideas

Today’s Parent for a well-organized selection of suggestions for various components of a well-balanced lunch, with several tasty-looking combinations at the end of the article

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