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As I browse the web looking for information about various wellness-related topics, I occasionally come across websites that I return to again and again.

I’ve decided to share those websites with you, my readers.

Each week, I will tell you about a fantastic website that’s out there, including my thoughts about what in particular makes it so fantastic.

This week, I am going to tell you about

As a single place where you can get an extremely detailed nutritional breakdown on pretty much everything you would ever consider eating, it’s hard to beat For those of you who are trying to stay on a low-glycemic diet, makes it easy by providing the glycemic load for thousands of different foods. They also provide inflammation factor – useful in combating chonic inflammation, something that affects many people these days. Calories, carbs, protein, and fat breakdown, of course. Also vitamins and minerals.

And, one very cool thing, you can enter in your own recipes to get the nutritional breakdown on those. Maybe tweak the ingredients a little, see if you can’t make them a little healthier.

Who doesn’t find this cool, and an extremely valuable tool in taking control of your own health?

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