Raw ‘Sandwiches’ – This must be what summer tastes like!

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My husband has just finished a 10 day juice fast (for health reasons), and isn’t ready to start eating ‘normal’ food again quite yet. So we’ve been experimenting with various raw foods for supper (which I’m thrilled with, because it’s giving me great ideas for the next raw-detox I do, probably sometime later this month – in the past it’s always been the suppers that I have trouble with, because they’ve felt so much like, well, rabbit food :-(). And we’ve hit on one that is a definite winner (even my kids like these, although they’re happy to have them as an appetizer, and then eat ‘real’ food). Lettuce wraps.

The great thing is that there’s no need for these to get boring, because there are a near-infinite number of variations, limited only by your imagination (and what you happen to have in the fridge).

Variation #1 – Avocado lettuce wraps
– a romaine lettuce leaf
– mashed avocado
– thin-sliced pepper (red, yellow, or orange)
– sliced radishes
– cucumber spears
– sliced tomato
– fresh cilantro
– sprouts (I sprout my own, which is really easy, and guarantees that they’re fresh – what we have right now is mumm’s Spicy Lentil Crunch, with lentils, red clover, alfalfa, radish, canola, and mustard seeds – takes about 3 days to sprout, and really delicious – I think the mustard and radish sprouts are probably what gives it a ‘bite’)

Variation #2 – Savoy cabbage wraps
– a cabbage leaf
– thin-sliced peppers
– grated (or food-processed) carrot and celery
– cucumber spears
– sliced mango
– cilantro
– lentil sprouts
indonesian peanut sauce

Variation #3 – Mushroom wraps
– leaf-lettuce
– thin-sliced peppers
– marinaded sliced mushrooms (marinade mushrooms in a mixture of equal amounts of Braggs/apple-cider vinegar/olive oil for a few hours (or overnight))
– cucumber spears
– grated carrot and celergy
– grated ginger
– sunflower sprouts

Go wild! Try these yourself, or come up with your own alternatives. If you hit upon something fantastic, please let me know – post it in comments so everyone can enjoy it!

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