Product Recommendation – MEC Cycling Shoe Covers

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Fitness | 1 comment

Today was yet another cold day for cycling in to work. I was recently given some Shoe Covers to wear over my hiking boots as a gift, and this morning I decided to give them a try. I give them an enthusiastic two thumbs up – my toes were toasty warm the whole way this morning, and again this evening!

MEC Cycling Shoe Covers

Toes and fingers are the hardest things to keep warm when cycling in temperatures of -20C or colder. I’ve been using re-heatable ‘pocket warmers’ in my mitts to keep my fingers warm, but hadn’t come up with anything for my toes until today. I almost wish winter would last a while longer, just so that I could keep marvelling at how warm my feet are on these cold days. But not quite. If and when spring arrives it will be most welcome!!!

These are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op, for a very reasonable price.

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  1. Bonus! Today it was raining when I was ready to leave for work, so I put my MEC shoe covers on over my cycling shoes, and arrived at work soaking wet, BUT with nice warm dry feet!

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