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I saw this poem a few days ago, and loved it! The author, Belinda Mrwebi, has graciously allowed me to share it with my readers.

_ _ _


As i rise and to open my eyes to a new day, i choose to live.

My soul is bare to the possibility of life in abundance and the sweet smell of faith that takes you from nothing to plenty.

The is a pounding desire in my heart to own this day.

The is a silent hope slowly emerging within me and my soul is willing to take the call to life.

Today i rise to fall a multiple times but in my falling i choose to rise.

I courteously listen to the divine voice that keeps me wanting.

Wanting more, longing for more and more and more.

The is a sensation in bones that refuses to lay still, a rush of emotion that has owned my body

Staring in me the need to keep rising and in my falling to rise again.

And so i willingly answer the call to life.

And i keep rising and as i rise i gain momentum.

i can feel the timing i right so with great zeal i answer the call.

A call to own,

A call to be

A call to rise.

Today I woke up to the call for life.

I will live and not die.

You can check out some of Belinda’s other work at

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