Book Recommendation: Live More, Want Less

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Mary Carlomagno’s book Live More, Want Less offers 52 ways (one a week for a year-long project) to strip away the chaos and clutter of life, to free “space in your life for order and serenity.”

Here are five of the professional organizer’s suggestions:

– If you’re trying to organize and pare down your stuff, don’t get trapped by thinking you need to buy storage items like bins and boxes: “We see an opportunity to upgrade our stuff by buying a different kind of stuff: organizing stuff. We fall into the same cycle, putting our consumerism into action – which is how we ended up with all this clutter in the first place,” she writes. The question shouldn’t be how to store 50 pairs of shoes, but why you need 50 pairs of shoes?

– Downsize your wardrobe by donating littleworn items. Shop your closet first before buying something new; buy only item that are flattering, fit well and can be used again and again.

– Love the things that love you back. Focus your strong emotions on relationships, not things. Likewise, invest in experiences, not things.

– Clearing away the physical clutter in a room that causes distraction and confusion can feel like a fresh start. White space, a blank canvas, a clean slate are catalysts for creativity.

– Declutter your mind by stopping the “busy” work. “Do not rush through your life like it’s a series of hurdles with the most frenetic person winning.

– Pause to evaluate your activities for meaning before writing them into your schedule,” the author advises.

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Check it out, and let me know what you think about it!

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