How Are You Going to Choose to be Today?

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Radiant and full of vitality

How are you today? Have you ever given any thought to that question? Besides just answering “Fine, how are you?”, without really paying attention, I mean.

The question kind of implies, to me at least, that how you are today is something that just happens, and is beyond your control.  And, indeed, most of us just go through the day reacting to whatever comes our way. So, if you’re tired and grumpy, it’s because you slept poorly, had an argument with your spouse, got in to work late…

What if, instead of leaving ‘how you are’ to chance, you decided to take it into your own hands?

  • Today, I choose to be energetic and playful


  • Today I choose to be ambitious and focused

or even

  • Today I choose to be radiant and full of vitality!

What would your day be like if you went into it with the mindset “I will be radiant and full of vitality today”?  Would you, upon waking up feeling tired, splash some cold water on your face and get in a ten minute workout, to get your heart racing and your blood flowing?  When the argument starts, would you give your spouse a kiss on the neck before telling them how much you love them?  Would you go through the day appreciating every challenge that arises?

How would you dress if you were radiant and full of life?  What would you choose to eat?  How would you greet the cashier at lunch?

Just think – by starting the day off with the conscious choice to be radiant and full of vitality, you might change not only your own day for the better, but also the day of everyone you come in contact with.

Why would you ever choose otherwise? Would you ever choose to be ‘tired and listless’?  Or ‘surly and resentful’?  ‘Unmotivated and easily-distracted’?

How are YOU going to choose to be today?

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