Training Schedule for Your First Half-Marathon

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Continued from page one of Your First Half-Marathon – A Detailed 20-Week Training Plan.

Training Schedule

Note: the speeds provided correspond to a 2 hour half-marathon finish. If you plan to finish faster, or slower, adjust your speed accordingly.  This training schedule further assumes that you are already able to complete a 10km run – it is geared toward taking you from the 10km to a complete half-marathon.

Week 1 – This is a ‘getting started’ week. 3km easy run on Tuesday, 5km easy run on Friday, 7km easy run on Sunday.

Format each of the next 18 weeks

Monday – rest day
Tuesday – Tempo training
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday – Speed work
Friday – Relaxed run
Saturday – Rest day
Sunday – Distance run

Weeks 2-7 – these weeks are about building strength

Tempo runs – 3km, increase by 0.5km each week @ 5:30/km pace

Speed work – short intervals 400m in 2minutes, 2 minute recovery jog; repeat 4 times on week 2, 6 times on week 3, and so on up to 14 times on week 7.

Relaxed runs – 5km @ 6:30 – 7:00 /km pace

Distance runs – 7km, increase by 1km each week @ 7:30/km pace

Weeks 8-13

Tempo runs – 5km, increase by 0.5km each week @ 5:30/km pace

Speed work – hill repeats 400m in 2minutes, jog slowly back down; repeat 2 times on week 8, 4 times on week 9, and so on up to 12 times on week 13.

Relaxed runs – 5km @ 6:30 – 7:00 /km pace

Distance runs – 10km, increase by 2km each week @ 7:30/km

Weeks 14-19

Tempo runs – 7km, 8km, 9km, 10km, 10km @ 5:30/km

Speed work – Yasso 800s; 800 m in 3:40, recovery jog 3:40; repeat 5 times on week 14, 6 times on week 15, and so on up to 10 times on week 19.

Relaxed runs – 5km @ 6:30 – 7:00 /km

Distance runs – 12km, increase by 2km each week @ 7:30/km pace

Week 20 (Race week)

Monday – rest day
Tuesday – 3km @7:00/km
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – 5km @ 7:00/km
Friday – rest day
Saturday or Sunday – RACE!!!

Note: before entering into an intense running training program, you should consult with your doctor.

Further note: if you want to make it through the 20 week training schedule AND through the actual half-marathon injury-free, make a point of stretching regularly. This five-minute yoga workout targets key areas of tightness for runners – try it out!

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