7 Steps to Great Skin – Step 5: Cleansing

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Cleansing for great skin

RJ Thomas, from All Health Help, has graciously offered to write a post for my 7 Steps to Great Skin series describing how you can improve the condition and appearance of your skin through proper cleansing. Thank you, RJ!


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Why We Need To Cleanse Daily

Cleansing of the skin is extremely important if you want it to look healthy and radiant. If cleansing is not done daily, the pores may begin to get clogged with dirt, oil and impurities which can eventually lead to acne breakouts. By cleansing the skin daily we make sure that the pores remain clear.

Finding A Cleanser

When looking for a cleanser, it is vital that you take your skin type into consideration. A person with acne-prone skin will need a cleanser that is oil-free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and free from any harsh ingredients, whereas someone with normal skin will only need a basic cleanser that will remove impurities and dirt, but will have no additional requirements. Once you have a cleanser that works for your skin type, it is often best to stick with that cleanser.

Best Practice For Cleansing The Facial Area

The facial area is very delicate, which means if you cleanse it too aggressively it can damage the epidermis (outer layer of the skin).

The best method I have found to avoid damaging the epidermis is to lightly massage the cleanser of your choice over the entire facial area for a maximum of 20-30 seconds, then wash off with lukewarm water. The last step is to pat – never rub – the skin dry with the a clean towel.

Following these steps twice a day will ensure that you thoroughly cleanse the skin to keep the pores clear, and protect the skin from damage.

Different Types Of Cleansers

There are 4 main types of cleanser. These are…

Foaming Cleanser: These cleansers lather and are best suited to oily skin.
Gel Cleanser: These cleaners are usually oil-free and will not foam or lather.
Water-soluble Cleanser: These cleansers are all-purpose, generally non-irritating.
Lotion Cleanser: These cleansers are best suited to dry or sensitive skin as they light soothing film on the skin.

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Author Bio:

RJ Thomas is the owner of AllHealthHelp, a blog that helps people with health, beauty and fitness problems, as well as providing reviews on popular products, such the ANSR beam.


  1. I have sensitive combination skin and wanted to try a Burts Bees cleanser as I have fallen in love with Burt totally! And my new face wash is georgous. It foams up well, cleanses my face removing makeup gently and my skin doesn’t feel at all dry afterwards.

    • I love their cleanser as well – my skin feels so tingly afterwards!

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