Fresh Juices – Elixir of the Gods

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Fresh juice - enjoy!

I recently spent several days at a raw food retreat, and was served amazing gourmet raw foods. Delicious, healthy, and inspirational, all things considered.

The primary inspiration I came home with was to dig out my juicer (yes, I occasionally get enthusiastic about health fads, and buy the appropriate tools) and start using it again. Regularly. Which prompted me to de-clutter my kitchen counter, so that there would be a place for my juicer to live, so that I would be more likely to use it.

So, now I have a lovely, tidy, clutter-free kitchen, and have been enjoying delicious juices on a daily basis (except yesterday, when the kids performed in a Vivaldi concert after school, and then I had to rush my daughter across town for hip hop lessons).

Here’s my recommendation for a delicious fresh juice you might consider, if you’ve been in a juicing rut and want to try something new.

Juice - fresh from the juicer!

Ingredients (makes 4 cups):

  • 6 carrots
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1/4 medium beet
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 4 apples (washed, but NOT peeled)
  • 1 inch of fresh ginger

Everything’s there for a reason, and the flavor (and color!) is wonderful.

Carrots: an excellent source of antioxidant compounds, and the richest vegetable source of the pro-vitamin A carotenes

Celery: contains vitamin C and several other active compounds that promote health, including phthalides, which may help lower cholesterol, and coumarins, that may be useful in cancer prevention

Beets: ward off certain cancers like colon cancer. They’re also high in folate (an essential B-vitamin) and manganese, and the betaine found in beets can help fight inflammation in the body.

Parsley: an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, and a good source of iron and folate. Parsley’s volatile oil components include myristicin, limonene, eugenol, and alpha-thujene. Its flavonoids include apiin, apigenin, crisoeriol, and luteolin.

Apple: apple polyphenols are standout nutrients in this widely-loved fruit. These polyphenols include flavonols (especially quercetin, but also kaempferol and myricetin), catechins (especially epicatechin), anthocyanins (if the apples are red-skinned), chlorogenic acid, phloridizin, and several dozen more health-supportive polyphenol nutrients. Apple is a good source of fiber, including the soluble fiber pectin, and it’s also a good source of vitamin C.

Ginger: contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols which can help combat arthritis pain and prevent cancer; also a good source of potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B6.

[nutritional information from]

My recommendation – have a glass of this juice about half an hour before supper – it’s filling and nutritious, and may help you to control how much you eat during (and after) dinner.

* * *

Upaya Naturals has dropped the prices on many of their masticating juicers (including Omega, Champion, and Green Star (the one I have), AND has free shipping in Canada (for orders over $100) til the end of 2015. So it’s a great time to order your juicer and get started with making wonderfully delicious and nutrition juices (and the wonderful homemade muffins you can make with the leftover pulp).

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