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Laugh for the Day

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I found this too funny! And yet – what a great way to look at things. Instead of facing the day focusing on all of the things that may yet go wrong – try being grateful for all that’s gone right so far. And don’t be afraid to ask for help – there are so many people out there whose lives would be enriched by the opportunity to help someone. have a great day!

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Book Recommendation: Live More, Want Less

Posted by on Apr 7, 2011 | 0 comments

Mary Carlomagno’s book Live More, Want Less offers 52 ways (one a week for a year-long project) to strip away the chaos and clutter of life, to free “space in your life for order and serenity.” Here are five of the professional organizer’s suggestions: – If you’re trying to organize and pare down your stuff, don’t get trapped by thinking you need to buy storage items like bins and boxes: “We see an opportunity to upgrade our stuff by buying a different kind of stuff: organizing stuff. We fall into the same cycle, putting our consumerism into...

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How Are You Going to Choose to be Today?

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How are you today? Have you ever given any thought to that question? Besides just answering “Fine, how are you?”, without really paying attention, I mean. The question kind of implies, to me at least, that how you are today is something that just happens, and is beyond your control.  And, indeed, most of us just go through the day reacting to whatever comes our way. So, if you’re tired and grumpy, it’s because you slept poorly, had an argument with your spouse, got in to work late… What if, instead of leaving ‘how you are’ to chance, you decided to...

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Are You Unhappy? Experience Bliss By Living In This Moment

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Are you happy right now? I mean, REALLY happy? If you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article, so I’ll assume that there’s room for improvement. Unhappiness, or at least dissatisfaction, is kind of the norm these days, at least if you’re over the age of about two. What’s interesting, if you stop to think about it, is that most unhappiness is not actually due to something that’s happening right now, but is in fact related to something that happened, or didn’t happen, in the past, or something that may, or may not, happen in the future....

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Recommendation –

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As I browse the web looking for information about various wellness-related topics, I occasionally come across websites that I return to again and again. I’ve decided to share those websites with you, my readers. Each week, I will tell you about a fantastic website that’s out there, including my thoughts about what in particular makes it so fantastic. This week, I am going to tell you about It’s generally agreed that meditation is a good thing. It helps reduce stress levels, and improves your resistance to stress in the future. It increases your concentration...

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Are you Unhappy? Lasting Happiness Comes From Within

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 | 0 comments

If only I had a boyfriend, I’d be happy…  If only I could find a job, I’d be happy…  If only we had more money, I’d be happy… Does this sound like you?  Prepared to be happy, someday. Happiness is a state of being, but it is also a choice.  If you are not happy right now, ‘because’ you don’t have a boyfriend, or ‘because’ you don’t have a job, or … then it is because you have made the decision, whether consciously or unconsciously, to respond to your current situation by being unhappy. Starting today, why not...

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