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I’m on a lot of mailing lists – and every so often I get an article that seems to have so much value that I should really share it with my readers. I read this article, and pretty much all of it seems equally relevant to conquering debt, or losing weight, or pretty much any other goal. If you’re interested in going raw, check out TheRawFoodCoach.com for lots more information specific to THAT goal.

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7 Must-Know Steps to Taking Your Raw Food Journey to the Stars – and Beyond!

If you’re ready to live magically on raw, there are seven things you must do…

Step 1: Create a sacred space inside and out

This is the first step because you have to make room for magic before you can receive it. You cannot have magic enter your life if your head is full of stuff, your body is feeling sluggish, your emotions are feeling heavy, your in-tray is heaving and your house is a mess. When you clean out internally and externally, you literally tell the universe “There is room here for something new, something better”, and with that intention in mind, it will be easy to receive.

Step 2: Discover who you really are

You may well be wondering, “What do you mean? And how do I do that?” What I mean is way deeper than any superficial sense of identity such as name, location and vocation. I came to know the truth of who I am when I was 25 after I went to work at a meditation centre. During my time there, thanks to doing the job that I was doing, I got a free pass to one of the programs taught there which absolutely changed my life. Long story short, that program plugged me into the reality of who I am and indeed who we all are. It was so profound, so breathtaking, so incredible, that that experience has given me the strength I need to do everything I’ve gone on to do – because I came to know the truth of who I am. There are many ways you can discover who you really are but going within is the secret doorway to knowing yourself, and it’s something I teach people how to do through my Living Magically on Raw program.

Step 3: Create your next inspiring vision from that place

This means to go to the most profound, deepest, amazing part of yourself that you’ve been able to access so far and to create a vision for yourself – specifically, your diet, body and life and everything that you want to have happen for you in your future. You need a vision that is heavenly, that is “made of stars” and that does make you squeal. You need a vision that will feed you spiritually, pull you through and guide you on. Nothing less will do.

Step 4: Get your inner support structure in place

This means aligning your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves – in a nutshell, it means being your own best friend. Honestly, if you can’t get your act together within yourself then you’re simply not going to get very far, because you’ll literally be arguing amongst your selves. But it has to be done, and tapping into the truth of who you are will pull those four aspects of yourself together quicker than anything else I know.

Step 5: Create a diet to support your desired outcome

That means eating a diet that will rebuild and recreate your body from the inside out so that you have the level of health, energy and vitality that you desire to help you in your bigger life endeavours. The further you go with your own eating journey, the more you will come to experience first-hand that whatever you put in to yourself will absolutely dictate what you’re able to get out.

Step 6: Get your outer support structure in place

Your outer environment is critical in creating the life that you want. Quite simply if you keep allowing things or people or events to penetrate your world that are toxic to you, you’re going to struggle to get where you want to go. Not only that, but then that inner support that you had may start to crumble. You’ve got to be your own best friend. You have to make sure that everything in your life supports you and who you are becoming. Sometimes that may mean changing jobs or changing homes or leaving a relationship or choosing different friends or spending your time or money or energy in different ways.

We always know what needs adjusting because it doesn’t feel good when we think about it. If you ask yourself the question, “What have I been allowing into my world that is not doing me any good?” I’m willing to bet that you know the answer to that question. The important thing to know about this is you have the power to change that. You have the power to do things differently and that’s what you need to do. You have to do that in order to move forward.

Step 7: Keep cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Cleaning up your body, your life, your diet, your standards, your boundaries, your behaviours, habits and beliefs, are all vital to live – and continue to live – a magical life on raw. You must clean up every aspect of who you are and the world that you inhabit inside and out, because that is where magic wants to live and where you’ll find your next level. Magic doesn’t like clutter and chaos. It is the completely opposite vibration. So the more you can clean up your act inside and out, the more magic you will attract, the more magic you will embody, and the more magic you will live and feel in every waking moment.

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  1. I like the article. I have been thinking about going raw ever since my mom started doing it. I think it is good! It is so hard though with people in my family not wanting to do it. This article helps.

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