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I have recently been invited to participate in the 7 links challenge by my fellow blogger, The Occasional Chef, who has a beautiful blog “Experimenting in the Kitchen”.  The 7 links challenge is a great way to further build blog communities and share posts and resources.  Basically, bloggers nominate other bloggers to complete the challenge of selecting 7 posts that fall into these categories: Most Popular Post, Most Controversial Post, Most Helpful Post, Most Beautiful Post, Most Surprisingly Successful Post, Most Under-Rated Post, and Most Proud of Post.

Then pass the torch and nominate 7 other innovative blogs to do the same.

Here are my nominations for my own posts in each of these categories:

1. Most Popular Post: Green Smoothies, the Breakfast of Champions : As anyone who’s visited my site must have figured out, I’m kind of fanatical about my devotion to green smoothies. I’ve been drinking them for several years, I still find them delicious, and I very nearly stop random strangers on the street to recommend they try a green smoothie for breakfast.

2. Most Controversial Post: Winter Cycling – Gearing Up for Safety : I’ve loved cycling ever since I got my first two-wheel bike, at the age of 6. While growing up, people around town knew me as ‘the girl on the white ten-speed’. I biked to university, biked to summer jobs, and now I bike to work. Year-round. In a city that occasionally hits the temperature of -35C. But when newspaper articles come out about bike-commuting, it’s amazing how much everyone (car-drivers) seem to hate us. A few bad apples, I guess.

3. Most Helpful Post: Every Day Yoga – Five Minutes, Five Postures : North Americans, as a whole, are out of shape. No surprise there – the media constantly informs us of the growing obesity problem. But even those of us who DO make a point of getting regular exercise often neglect flexibility, and as a result have issues with knees, hips, lower-back, shoulders, and neck. This five-minute stretching workout addresses those parts of the body. Who can’t find five free minutes?

4. Most Beautiful Post: Fresh Juices – the Elixir of the Gods: Have you ever noticed how beautiful fruits and vegetables are? Bright, vibrant colors; fresh scents; luscious flavors… Home-made juices can capture all of these. Beets, in particular, juice to the most incredible deep purple color.

5. Most surprisingly Successful Post: Juicing? What To Do With All That Leftover Pulp : I was thrilled when I figured out something quick, easy, and delicious to do with the leftover pulp from all the fresh juices we’ve been making, but I had no idea that so many other people would have the same dilemma. I get numerous hits each day from people doing google-searches for solutions to this apparently widespread problem.

6. Most Under-Rated Post: Technology – a Few Ways It Can Help Your Workouts : OK – I’ll admit to being a bit of a tech-geek, but I really DO swear by things like selecting a workout playlist based on the beats-per-minute of the songs. And the real-time feedback provided by a Garmin runners’ GPS is a fantastic aid for my running workouts. Why wouldn’t everyone do these things?

7. Most Proud of Post: How Are Your Lifestyle Choices Impacting Your Health : Maybe I’m more proud of the measurable health benefits of the lifestyle choices that I write about in this blog than about this specific post in which I mention those measurements, but I really am proud, and also very eager to share these health benefits with others. Life is too short to waste any of it being unhealthy.

As for the other blogs, I have come across quite a few exciting, noteworthy sites that I would love to share and promote as well as pass the challenge on to them.

Here are some wonderful blogs that have provided value to me during my quest for natural radiance 🙂


2. Eat, Run, Have Fun!

3. Ishta Yoga


5. Crunchy Betty

6. wildmind buddhist meditation

7. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

I look forward to following up with these sites and seeing how they respond to the challenge!

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