Three More 30-minute Treadmill Routines

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Return to page 1 for the other two 30-minute treadmill routines that you can alternate through the week to maximize the effectiveness (and minimize the boredom) of your workouts.

3) Medium intensity interval training – interval training also helps prevent the injuries often associated with repetitive endurance exercise.

2 minutes – warm-up

=> 6 minutes – 6.5mph

=> 1 minute – recovery 5mph

=> repeat the 6min/1min, at the same speeds, a total of 4 times. As always, when it starts to feel too easy, increase the speeds next time you do this workout.

2 minutes – cool-down walk

Medium-intensity interval training

4) Ladder- interval training is a valuable training tool, capable of providing the benefits of racing without the high levels of stress involved

2 minutes – warm-up

=> 1 minute – interval 6mph

=> 1 minute – recovery 5mph

=> repeat a total of 14 times, increasing the interval speed by.1mph each set, while keeping the recovery speed the same. Your highest interval speed will be 1.3mph faster than your starting speed (7.3mph for a 6mph start)

2 minutes – cool-down walk

Ladder workout for treadmill

5) Reverse ladder

2 minute – warm-up

=> 1 minute – interval 7mph

=> 1 minute – recovery 5.5mph

=> repeat a total of 14 times, increasing your recovery speed by 0.1mph each set, while keeping the interval speed the same. In your final set, your recovery speed will be 6.8mph.

2 minute – cool-down walk

In all cases, take your pulse at the beginning of your cool-down walk, and again 1 minute later. Make sure that your heart-rate comes down over 30 beats-per-minute between the two. If not, you either are not working hard enough to get your heart rate up in the first place, or you have worked a little too hard, and should decrease your speeds a little next time.

Continue reading for a recommended 5 minute stretching routine that you can add to your day to improve flexibility and avoid running injuries.

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